Project Description

Applied methodology in language training in adult education is very important to encourage people to learn. The methods  differ and a variety of approaches and tools are used in Europe. The participation of the Wiener Ungarischer Schulverein (Austria), the Association Pour Une Ecole Hongroise (France) and the Learn with Grandma Cyf. (UK) in the Grundtvig Partnership: "Language Trainer – A Methodical Comparison" gave the three institutions the opportunity to learn from the knowledge and experience of each other in the field of applied language training methods. The partners in each country identified existing applied methods to encourage and support the target group, adults with migrational background, to learn either their mother tongue and/or their second language to a high level. This cross border exchange gave the opportunity to compare and develop sessions and programmes further, to improve and widen the pedagogical approach for trainers and to have influence on management staff. Moreover relationships between the partners were established and will continue after the project has finished. The results of this European cooperation of methodical comparison in the field of language learning were published in a booklet, on a CD and on this project web site.


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