Teaching and Learning
Teaching strategies observed, discussed and evaluated included the following:



Mobile phone

Acting Out Vocabulary Words     Mock Trial
Anecdote     Model
Art     Modelling
Artefact     Montage
Assignment Exercises     Movie
Audio And Video Tapes     Mural
Audio Record     Museum
Books     Music
Brainstorming     Newspaper
Bulletin Board     Noises
Card Game     Notebook
Cartoon     Opaque Projection
Case Studies     Outdoors
Chalk Board     Overhead Transparency
Charade     Painting
Charts     Pair Work
Clubs     Pamphlet
Collage     Panel
Collection     Panel Of Experts
Colouring Book     Pantomime
Comic Book     Parents / Family
Community     Participant Observation
Competition     Pegboard
Computer     Photography
Computer Base Instruction     Pictures
Conversations     Play
Cooperative Learning Activities     Poem
Correspondence    Posters
Crossword    Practical activities – e.g. cooking
Cut-Out    Problem
Dance    Programme
Data Sheet    Project
Debate    Puppets
Demonstration    Puzzle
Design    Question And Answer
Diagram    Questionnaire
Dialogue    Quiz
Diary    Quotations
Discussions    Radio
Documents    Reading Data Charts

Drama    Readings
Drawing    Real Animals
Drill    Real Events
Drilling    Real-Life Experience
Essay    Recorded Sounds
Exercise - physical    Recorded Learner Activity
Exercises    Replica
Exhibit / Exhibition    Research
Experiment    Role Play
Facsimile    Sand Table
Feel Bag    Scrabble
Felt Board        Scrap Book
Field Research    Sculpture
Field Trips    Seminar
Fill In The Blanks    Silk Screen
Films    Simulation
Flash Cards    Sketch
Flip Chart    Slide Transparency
Flow Chart    Small Projects
Galleries    Songs
Games    Source Material
Globe / Map    Sports
Graph    Stamps And Coins
Group Project    Sticker Book
Group Work    Story
Guest    Learner Seminar
Guided Reading
Guided Vocabulary
Task Cards
Hand Calculator    Teacher
Handouts    Teacher Aide
Holograph    Team Competition
Human Resources    Team Teaching
Imitation    Telephone
Improvisation    Telescope
Individual Practice    Television
Information Cards    Test
Instruction    Textbook
Interactive Journals/Writing
Internet    Toy
Interviews    Treasure Hunt
Jigsaw    Trip
Kit    Tutorial
Laboratory    Videotape
Language Learning Magazine    Visits And Visitors
Language Tutor    Vocabulary Word Walls

Lecture    White Board
Library    Word Game
Magazines - General    Word Sort Activities

Magnetic Board    Workbook
Map     Worksheets
Microfilm    Workshops

Examples of class content and teaching methods
Teacher:     Target Language:
Content / Subject     Number and Ages of learners     Methods of teaching and resources     How assessed
Using numbers in the target language     6 learners
Ages: 22 - 45    
• Oral activities in pairs e.g. calling out the numbers at the throw of a dice (more than one dice can be used for larger numbers, numbers can also be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided)
• Flash Cards
• Dice

• Questioning
• Listening – to activities
• Fill in the blank worksheet with telephone numbers


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