This project was supported by a grant from the Grundtvig Partnership Foundation for 2008-2010, which is gratefully acknowledged.
The three partners involved in the project were from Pädagogische Leiterin, Wien, Austria; Association pour Une École Hongroise, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France and Learn with Grandma Cyf, The Old Vicarage, Myddfai, Wales.
This report is an account of the cooperation between the three partners in the field of language learning and teaching. The applied methodology in language training in adult education is very important in order to encourage people to learn. Applied language learning methods in adult education differ from those in statutory education and a variety of approaches and tools are used in Europe. Within the European dimension it is possible to learn from each other across borders. Different strategies in the field of language training in adult education was shared among the participating institutions:
In each country the partners identified applied methods which exist to encourage and support adults to learn either their mother tongue and/or their second language to a high level. The focus was on the four skills of reading, understanding, writing and speaking. The participation in this cooperation gave the participating institutions the opportunity to learn from the knowledge and experience of partners. Within the Grundtvig Partnership “Language Trainer – A Methodical Comparison” good learning methods and best practice samples for language learning were collected and are included in this study.


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