Participating organisations and their main activities
  1. Austria - Ungarischer Schulverein

    Schulverein LogoThe Wiener Ungarischer Schulverein is based in the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Vienna and offers language classes at several levels. Children of Hungarian immigrants to Austria learn to read write and speak. Their parents Mother Tongue as well as having opportunities to participate in activities through the medium of Hungarian. There are various classes for adults such as Hungarian for Hungarians as well as language learning for non-Hungarians. The Ungarischer Schulverein has mainly learners which have a emigrational background, partly from disadvantaged areas in the most eastern part of Austria. Some of the learners are/will be confronted with unemployment because of their lack of language competences. A Hungarian Kindergarten group within the Czech Kindergarten Komensky has been achieved so they are now working towards founding their own primary school. The Institute has a programme of cultural events through which all students at the school can develop their language skills

  2. France – Association Pour Une Ecole Hongroise

    The Association Pour Une École Hongroise was created by a handful of Hungarian parents at the end of December 2004 in. Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Greater Paris. It has been enthusiastically working for years with the aim of founding the Hungarian section in the town’s International Secondary School. Their main activity is teaching Hungarian for bilingual French-Hungarian children and the “Salons”, round-table cultural, linguistic, literary, historic and artistic conferences with professionals to encourage and support adults of Hungarian origin to learn and to develop their mother tongue and their linguistic and cultural competences. They keep the doors open to French adults, too. Hungarian language classes for adults are also organised, running these groups depends on the support for these classes. All these activities are offered because they believe that a language must be cultivated inside a community.

  3. Wales, UK – Learn with Grandma Cyf.

    Learn with Grandma Cyf. writes and delivers courses to assist in the social integration by language and stimulated learning intergenerationally through interesting and fun activities. They in Wales have a bilingual culture and society of Welsh and English mixed with an economic migrant population from Europe and from England. The English migration is driven by social/ retirement purposes and as well as standard economic reasons.

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